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Company Profile
Company Profile     Shenzhen YuTong spaceTelecom equipment Co., LTD. Is specialized in r&d and production of optical fiber high-tech companies. Companies with "science and technology as the foundation, the market as the guidance," over the company firmly for this approach to development, invested a huge sum of money on core technology innovation and the development of new products, always follows the international market a... 【Detailed
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Company News
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Shenzhen YuTong space communication Equipment Co., LTD.
 Address: Shahe industrial zone Baishi chau Nanshan district Shenzhen city
Telephone: 86-0755-26902284 (marketing) mobile: Mr Xu) 13828862061 (fax: 86-775-26603174 Email: [email protected] business QQ: 401134164 425220568

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