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Optical common faults and their solutions

Release date:2011-06-30

Common faults of transmitter and its solution
A, no video signal
Check whether the normal power supply equipment 1. 2 check the receiving end corresponding channel video indicating lamp is lit, A: if the indicator light (light confirms that the channel has been the video signal output). Check the receiving end to monitor or DVR terminal equipment of video cable is connected, video interface connection is loose or weld etc.. B: the receiving end video indicator light does not light, check the front end corresponding channel video indicator is lit. (advice on optical receiver to power to ensure the synchronization of video signal) a: light (light that video cameras have been into the front-end transceiver), check the cable is connected, the optical interface optical transceiver and optical cable terminal box is loose. Suggest to plug a fiber interface (such as pigtail head is too dirty to use cotton alcohol cleaning to be dried after the insertion). B: does not light, check whether the camera is working properly, and the camera to the front end of the cable is connected and reliable video transmitter. Video interface is loose or weld etc.. If the above methods can not rule out the fault and the same type of equipment, can be used to replace examination (equipment having interchangeability), transmitter is received at the other end of optical fiber receiver working normal or replacement of the distal can accurately judge the fault equipment.
Two, the picture appears to interfere with snow
This situation is due to multi fiber link attenuation is too large or video by AC electromagnetic interference caused by long cable. 1: checks whether a pigtail bent over local (especially when the multimode transmission should try to let the pigtail stretch not excessive bending). 2: the detection of port and terminal box flange connection is reliable connection flange core is damaged. 3: optical fiber is too dirty and application of alcohol and cotton cleaning to be dry and then insert. 4: the laying of lines of video transmission cable to choose good shielding the transmission quality of 75-5 cable and should try to avoid the communication lines and other easy to cause electromagnetic interference objects. No control signal or control signal is not normal inspection optical data signal indicating lamp is correct. The a: control product manual data port definition check the data line is connected correctly and reliably. Especially the positive and negative control lines are not reversed. : Inspection and control equipment (computer, keyboard or DVR) support the control data signal format issued and whether optical data format (data communication format details see the manual page * *), baud rate exceeds the scope of support optical transceiver (0-100Kbps). The b: control product manual data port definition check the data line is connected correctly and reliably. Especially the positive and negative control line is reversed.

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