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What is Fiber

Release date:2010-07-20

Fiber is a message sent from one end to the other end of the media. Is a glass or plastic fiber as a transmission medium so that the message through.
Usually "fiber" and "cable" Two terms are confusing. Most of the fiber must be coated prior to use several layers of protective structures, coated cable to be known after the "cable." Fiber outer protective structures to prevent damage to the surrounding environment of the fiber, water, fire, and electric shock. Cable is divided into: fiber, a buffer layer and drape, fiber, and coax similar, but did not mesh shield. Central glass core optical transmission. In a multimode fiber, the core diameter of 15mm ~ 50mm, and generally a considerable thickness of a human hair. And single-mode fiber core diameter 8mm ~ 10mm. Outer layer of lower refractive index core surrounded by a glass envelope than the core in order to remain within the fiber core. Then the outside is a thin plastic jacket to protect the envelope. Fiber is often tied into bundles, outside shell protection. Small cross sectional area of ??the core layer is generally concentric cylinders made of quartz glass, it is crisp texture, easy to break, and therefore requires an additional layer of protection.
Characteristics of the fiber
Since the optical fiber is a transmission medium that can act like a copper cable, telephone call or send data, computer data, the difference is that the optical fiber transmission signal instead of electrical signals. Thus, the fiber has many unique advantages, such as: wide bandwidth, low loss, shielding electromagnetic radiation, light weight, safety and privacy.
Operation of fiber optic systems
You may know of any communication transmitted process includes: encoding → Transfer → decoding, of course, fiber optic transmission systems are basically the same. After the electronic signal input through the digital transmission signal encoding will become light signals through optical fiber as the medium of light transmitted to the other end of the receiver, the receiver decodes the signal and then restore to the original electrical signal output.
The use of fiber optic cable
Distinguish between cable applications can be divided into three kinds: professional purposes, generally outside the general house. In the professional uses include undersea fiber optic cable, fiber optic high-voltage tower on an empty frame, the anti-nuclear power plant radiation optic cable, fiber optic cable corrosion and other chemical industries. The difference in the general classification and general outside the house, depending on the characteristics of the various types of cable designs according to the manufacturer, the scope to which it applies are different.
Cable from the outside to the house in the process can be divided into an empty frame, underpass, direct burial, pipeline between indoor use.
History fiber
1880-AlexandraGrahamBell invention calls beam transmission
1960 - Invention of electrical and optical radiation
1977 - the first time the actual installation of fiber optic telephone network
1978-FORT first installed fiber optic production in France
1990 - LAN and other short-distance optical fiber transmission applications of
2000 - the house edge fiber => Fiber to the table
Fiber classification
Fiber is divided into the following two categories:
1) Transfer Point modulus class
Transfer Point modulus class of single-mode fiber (SingleModeFiber) and multimode fiber (MultiMode Fiber). Single-mode fiber core diameter is small, only a single mode transmission at a given operating wavelength, the transmission frequency bandwidth, transmission capacity. Multimode fiber is given in the operating wavelength can be transmitted simultaneously to a plurality of fiber pattern. Compared with single-mode fiber, multimode fiber transmission performance is poor.
2) refractive index distribution class
Refractive index profile of the fiber can be divided into class fiber and gradual transition fiber. Refractive index and a protective layer jump fiber core is a constant. At the interface of the core and the protective layer, the refractive index changes in a stepwise pattern. Fiber core refractive index gradient with increasing radius decreases according to certain rules to reduce the refractive index of the core and the protective layer, the protective layer at the junction. Change in refractive index of the core approximates a parabola.


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