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Two light two gigabit fiber switch
Category:Fiber Optic Switch / multi-port transceivers
Product Description


Products overview:

Two light two electric gigabit SFP optical transceiver is 10/100/1000 m adaptive electric mouth (T) between light mouth (X) to 1000 m Ethernet photoelectric signal conversion equipment, traditional 10/100/1000 m can be extended to gigabit Ethernet through fiber optic link distance of 100 km. Using the latest IC, superior performance, excellent quality, small fever, without the fan can work steadily for a long time. 9 LED light can fully and easily observes the working state of the transceiver and transceiver fault diagnosis.

Key features:

Low support 10 base-t, base - TX 100 or 1000 base-t adaptive and mutual transformation between the base - 1000 SX/LX,

Low light mouth for 1000 m full duplex mode

Low RJ45 port electricity can automatically adapt to 10/100/1000 m and full-duplex/half-duplex transmission mode, can automatically

Offer two gigabit SFP slot, support 1.25 G SFP single-mode and multimode thermal call waiting

Low multimode fiber 224/550 meters, the longest single mode fiber up to 100 km

Low support maximum 1536 bytes of Ethernet packets

Supporting QoS, support the STP spanning tree, constitute a redundant network

Adopt unique solution of integrated circuits, the chip temperature is low, get rid of the cooling system, implementation flow

Low radio filtering, automatic address learning and automatic update feature and the operation of the store and forward mechanism

Low offers two RJ - 45 electric NIC/HUB, and automatically cross recognition, and computer network card connected to a HUB or switch

Technical parameters:

Technical indicators system parameters

Interface electric: 10/100/1000 m 2 RJ45 interface, SFP optical: 2 LC interface

Wavelength of 850 nm / 1310 nm / 1550 nm

5 class 6 class twisted-pair longest distance of 100 meters

50/125 multimode optical fiber,62.5 longest distance of 550 m / 125 um

Single-mode fiber,8.3 8/125/125, 9/125 um longest distance 100 km

Multimode transport distance: 550 m single mode: 20/40/60/80/100 km

Follow the standards and protocols IEEE 802.3/802.3 u Ethernet Ethernet standard (802.3)

IEEE802.3 ab 1000 base - Tx10Ba (electricity)

IEEE802.3 z 1000 base - FX (light)

The IEEE 802.1 d Spanning Tree Spanning Tree protocol (Ethernet)

The IEEE 802.1 q VLAN TAG (Ethernet VLAN standard)

The IEEE 802.1 p Qos (Ethernet Qos standard)


Product size fiber optic transceivers The external power supply 26 mm (high) (width) x 83 mm x 123 mm (long)

Environmental requirements working temperature - 10 ℃ ~ 60 ℃

The storage temperature and 40 ℃ ~ 80 ℃

Relative humidity of 5% ~ 95% without condensation

External power DC 5 v / 2 a

Safety and EMC in accordance with the FCC, UL, CE, TUV, CSA standard

Power consumption detached transceiver < 5 w



Areas of application:

1, optical fiber broadband metropolitan area network (e.g., telecom, cable TV, network systems integration and other operators), 2, KuanWang special (for example: the financial, government, oil, railway, public security, traffic education sectors such as private network), 3, multimedia transmission (such as image, voice, remote teaching, video conference, etc.), 4, and real-time monitoring (such as real-time video, data transmission, etc.) at the same time.



Ordering information:


Type power supply electric light mouth mouth (SFP) optical wavelength (nm) transmission distance (Km)

OM - GEP2 - m - 2 2 2 external power supply dual fiber multimode 850 0.5

OM - GEP2-2-20 s external power 2 2 double fiber single-mode 1310 20




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